Our Commitment to Sustainability

From the beginning, we have been dedicated to not only creating the best products to help your hair reach its maximum potential, but also to having minimal impact on our environment.

By proving it is possible to shop ethically without compromising on luxury, we hope to inspire positive change in the wider industry, for now and for the future.

Environmental Certifications


Global Organic Textiles Standard


India's National Programme for organic standards


Global Recycled Standards


Forest Stewardship Council


Ethical manufacturing

  • Cruelty free ethical peace silk moth icon


    Our standard - Organic mulberry tree farms need less water, don’t use pesticides and allow the moths to live out their natural lives and pollinate the area. No moths are killed or harmed in the production of our silk.

    The wider industry standard - 3,000 - 15,000 silkworms are boiled alive to produce one metre of silk

  • Organic leaf icon


    Our standard - We use organic dyes to reduce water pollutants and reduce potential irritants against your hair and skin, and all of our dyes are completely carbon neutral.

    The wider industry standard - 100-150 litres of water are used for every kilogram of fabric being dyed, using chemicals that contain toxins and pollute the water


Our standard - Our specially sourced, biodegradable elastic made of sustainable rubber and organic cotton naturally decomposes within 50 years. Not only eco friendly, it is also effectively maintains tension over the long term to keep your hair ties working their best for longer, and extending the lifetime of the product to avoid waste.

As a natural fibre, silk also biodegrades, and avoids shedding microplastics into our oceans after washing.

The wider industry standard - Elastic made from polyester and synthetic rubber, which takes 450 years to decompose and loses tension easily, creating more landfill waste. Synthetic satin that adds microplastics into the water system, harming both ecology and wildlife.

  • Fairtrade ethical manufacturing icon


    Our standard - We use fairtrade, community-based factories, supporting workers and keeping money in the local economy. Their power is solar generated, reducing carbon emissions and keeping the surrounding air clean.

    The wider industry standard - Often poor working conditions, far away from local communities and powered by polluting fossil fuels.

  • Plant leaves icon


    Our standard - Our boxes use FSC card from sustainable forests, organic dyes and no plastics. All our boxes can be reused at home for storing your scrunchies and hair ties to keep your dressing table tidy, or fully recycled.

    The wider industry standard - Plastic wrapping that takes 450+ years to decompose, and card from unsustainable sources contributing to deforestation.

Two large black silk scrunchies in a ponytail made from ethical peace silk with moth embroidery

Recycled embroidery thread

Our standard - We use fairtrade organic cotton with recycled polyester thread for our beautifully embroidered logo, for minimal impact where synthetic fibres are needed.

The wider industry standard - 100% virgin polyester labels and synthetic dyes