Benefits of Silk Scrunchies

The same advantages of silk itself that you gain from sleeping on a silk pillowcase at night also extends to the hair ties and scrunchies you wear during the day. Whether it’s for smoothing out frizz, aiding hydration or reducing breakage, silk scrunchies protect your hair throughout your busy day and avoid the damage caused by conventional hair ties. That damage is both to your hair itself, and the world around us – but we believe a different way is possible.

Woman wearing two large ethical silk scrunchies together one black silk and one pink silk

Our silk scrunchies help keep your hair in its best condition -

·  Reduced hair breakage and friction

·  Increased hydration and frizz smoothing

·  Plastic-free, tension maintaining elastic

·  Naturally hypoallergenic

·  Designed to last, avoiding landfill waste

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Man wearing black silk scrunchie made from cruelty free peace silk

Longevity – no more having to keep buying again and again!

How many times have you had to restock on hair ties, as all the ones you’ve got keep sagging and losing their elasticity, or snapping? Not only is it wasteful to have to keep throwing things out to landfill, it’s also a false economy over time to continually buy replacements.

ROKNDOL luxury silk hair ties are made to last, using tension-maintaining elastic that won’t lose its stretch over time, and are purposefully designed to be something you’ll want to wear day after day.

Woman wearing large silk scrunchies on her wrist in green and pink silk and narrow pink silk hair ties in her hair

Style as well as substance

Designed to look as good on your wrist as it does in your hair, our silk scrunchies make a style statement and won’t detract from your outfit. No more tossing tatty old elastic hair ties into the bottom of your handbag, only to be lost next time you need them (and needing to buy yet another replacement!)

Choose from our palette of classic, neutral shades of silk to match whichever outfit or mood, and know that you’ve made an investment in your hair (and the environment) that will last.

Woman tying her hair in a ponytail with large black silk scrunchie made from peace silk

Protecting your hair from breakage

The absorbency of the material your scrunchie is made from also has a big impact. Cotton, for example, draws in a lot of water, but this doesn’t just extend to sweat – it’s also the natural moisture of our hair. Dehydrated hair is coarser, frizzier and more prone to snapping and breakage, which is one of the main reasons for using a silk pillowcase over a cotton one.

The same protection can be applied to the fabric next to your hair during the daytime, by simply upgrading to a silk scrunchie instead of a cotton or synthetic one.

Two large black silk scrunchies in a ponytail made from ethical peace silk with moth embroidery

Avoiding dents in your hair

If you need to quickly pull your hair up out of the way while running errands, but want to wear it down again after, the last thing you want is visible marks left from your hair tie bending and digging into the strands of your hair.

The smoother material of silk scrunchies, plus our carefully sourced, biodegradable rubber elastic, minimises dents and damage, leaving your hair free to be let loose in all its glory later.

Woman sleeping with a pink ethical silk scunchie in her ponytail

Smoothing frizzy hair

As you move throughout the day, readjust your hair, put it up and take it down, whatever material your hair tie is made from is going to rub against the hair strands.

The smoother structure of the fibres of silk satin creates a luxuriously soft finish and gentle sheen, so using a silk scrunchie greatly reduces friction. This avoids the damage of coarse fabrics or tangling elastics, and helps keep your hair sleek and frizz-free.

Better for the environment

We believe that choosing the best products to care for your hair shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet, or the creatures on it. By opting for a sustainable, natural material like silk for your scrunchie, you avoid using synthetic fabrics that take hundreds of years to break down, or adding to microplastic waste being washed into the oceans.

You can also make a more ethical decision with the silk itself, by choosing organic, cruelty-free peace silk like we do. The majority of silk scrunchies available use cheaper, industrially produced silk fabric, made through the death of thousands of silkworms and intensive, environmentally harmful dyeing methods. As part of our commitment to ethics and sustainability, this is something we will never do. Peace silk causes no harm to the living silkworms and allows them to continue their lifecycle, with organic farming allowing the natural ecosystem to flourish once more.

It may seem like a small thing, but you can take one small step every day to help keep both our planet and your hair as healthy as possible. If you’re ready to extend that same approach around the clock, our silk pillowcases ensure that you also obtain all the benefits of silk while you sleep, without compromising on quality or ethics.