Caring for Silk

Knowing how to properly care for your new silk scrunchies and pillowcases will keep them looking and feeling their best for longer, and is much quicker and easier than you might think.

Follow our simple steps below for everything you need to know -  then get on with enjoying all the benefits of your shiny new hair!

Silk Scrunchies

When it’s time to wash your hair ties, simply run a bowl of cool water and add a PH neutral detergent suitable for silk and delicates.

Follow your detergent’s instructions for the amount to add for washing silk, then gently hand wash your scrunchies to remove any excess oil buildup from your hair.

Some detergents don’t even require rinsing – if yours does, just make sure to use cool water still, as hot water can damage the silk fibres.

Gently squeeze out the excess water, and blot dry on a soft towel. 

Never put your silk scrunchies in a tumble dryer, as the heat will damage both the silk and the elastic. Instead leave them to air dry away from direct sunlight – doorknobs are a great place for this, just don’t forget that’s where you put them!

Silk Pillowcases

For best results, follow the same steps above for hand washing. 

Gently rolling your pillowcase in a towel after rinsing is a great way to remove excess water before air drying. Flat laundry drying racks are best for this, and the perfect way to dry all your pillowcases at once.

If you’d rather machine wash, simply turn inside out and run a cool wash (no higher than 30 degrees Celsius) suitable for silk, still using a PH neutral detergent.

You can also dry clean your pillowcases if you prefer, as long as you do not use trichloroethane. Dry cleaning is not the ideal method for our environment however, so wherever possible we recommend hand washing instead.

Ironing while still slightly damp will restore lustre and shine, and remove any creases.

As with all silk products, do not use bleach, boil or wring, or leave it soaking or crumpled up damp. Never tumble dry, and do not dry in direct sunlight as this will accelerate colour fading.

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