Ultimate Scrunchie

Designed to inspire change and help your hair grow to its maximum potential, the Ultimate Scrunchie has been painstakingly perfected to be worthy of every hair type.

Our current range consists of large silk scrunchies (Ultimate), a skinny silk scrunchie (Slinky) and our Duo (Ultimate & Slinky). All of the products come in 3 colourways – so you can choose from a cinder black silk scrunchie, a dusty pink silk scrunchie and a forest green silk scrunchie.

All products are 100% cruelty-free organic Ahimsa silk and are designed for all hair types, even fine and damaged hair. All products use an eco-friendly, sustainable dye and are hand-crafted with non-plastic elastic. Our silk scrunchies help reduce hairline breakage and are all anti-snag and anti-frizz.


We are experts in the field of hair and beauty and we will only ever create products that we know are the best of the best.  We work with fine hair, dry skin, coloured hair, damaged skin, extensions, sensitive skin so when creating our products we have every hair and skin type in mind.


Large Ultimate Scrunchie


Slinky Ultimate Scrunchie


Ultimate Duo Scrunchie