Our Story

ROKNDOL was founded in 2020 on the belief that the hair and beauty industry had fallen behind.

“We had a hard time finding products that used high quality, good for the planet materials, while sustaining that luxury, on-trend style and we didn’t see why one option had to be compromised. We have worked tirelessly with many like-minded people - scientists, designers, technologists, farmers - all with the same goal, to create beautiful products that will help to change the world one step at a time.”

Rokndol founder Vicky Demetriou in front of the ocean

The Dream 

As a haircare professional and expert in hair extensions for over 20 years, founder Vicky Demetriou had long been aware of the natural benefits of silk for hair, as well a passionate supporter of cruelty-free silk. Not just from her extensive professional haircare experience, but from a young age being very aware of how the world’s hair and beauty product manufacturing is impacting our vulnerable planet and nature.   

So, on a mission to help protect our hair, skin and the planet, she wanted to source an organic, sustainable and cruelty free material to help care for and protect our hair skin and planet on both a daily and nightly basis. 

After an extensive global search for the most suitable fairtrade, cruelty-free silk farm, ROKNDOL have now officially invested and partnered with a respected ethical Ahimsa silk farm in the world’s leading source of authentic peace silk, India.

Our Promise to You

We create ethical silk products and collections that help to change the world and people’s minds. We believe in thoughtful design and consider every step of the journey, but most of all, we believe that you deserve high-quality, luxurious style not at the expense of our world. With us, you save a creature, help a community, reduce the plastic in landfills and lower carbon emissions in the production of our products, all while looking fabulously chic. We are building the future of the hair and beauty industry around you and the planet.

Trust the Experts

We are experts in the field of hair and beauty and we will only ever create ethical products that we think are the best of the best. We work with fine hair, dry skin, coloured hair, damaged skin, extensions, sensitive skin so when creating our products we have every hair and skin type in mind. Our award-winning ethical hair products are all 100% organic, cruelty-free Ahimsa silk. Our ethical silk products are regularly featured in popular lifestyle publications and the press, renowned for their quality and sustainable materials. 

Watch founder Vicky Demetriou talk more about her passion for ethical silk hair products

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